Why Our Chocolate…

Ecuador is most famous for its rare Nacional cocoa beans. These beans are used to make high-end chocolate for discerning chocolate lovers.

Ecuador is often referred to be the birthplace of chocolate with origins dating back to 3300 BC. Home to some of the finest rare cacao beans in the world known as “Nacional”. Much like wine, chocolate reflects the flavours of the region where cocoa beans are grown, and how they are dried and fermented.

The share of fine premium cocoa in the total world production of cocoa beans is relatively small and was falling over the years due to the lesser quality bulk cocoa buying by major chocolate manufacturers. However there is a new found interest for a premium distinctive taste and quality for fine cocoa which is also having a direct positive impact on the sustainability of the farming cocoa sector. Today Ecuador has grown into the hotbed for exciting cocoa varieties and flavours. Ecuadorian farmers invest a lot in new cultivation, fermentation and drying techniques – yielding cocoa beans with amazing sensory properties.

Our milk chocolate uses Arriba beans, a Nacional variety with unique aromas named to the upriver region where it was grown and is an extremely sought-after type of cocoa yielding an exceptionally intense cocoa taste with complex aromas.

Single-origin is a term used for chocolate that’s made from one variety of cacao, harvested in a single region rather than a blend from various areas or countries.

Just by googling ‘the best cocoa is in the world’ it instantly pops up saying Ecuador. Ecuador is home to some of the best cacao beans in the world. Only approximately 5% of cacao in the world is labelled as “Fine Aroma,” and Ecuador produces nearly 63% of it.